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In discussions with colleagues and clients from outside the state of Georgia, many misconceptions and myths that have been presented to me which are, unfortunately, believed by many to be true. I have dedicated this page to the dispelling of those misconceptions and myths, in hopes that those who have been misled can find genuine answers. Since there is no formal legislation regarding surrogacy, and there has been no written case law, it may be perceived that Georgia is not a surrogate-friendly state.

     However, this perception is inaccurate. The fact that no case law or legislation exists proves that no cases regarding surrogacy have been appealed (which would mandate the state of Georgia to address such issues). In reality, this makes Georgia a very surrogate- friendly arena because no unnecessary regulations have been set forth by those who do not understand the medical advances and this area of law.

     SLHomeMiniSlider101With respect to assisted reproduction matters, the medical practitioners in Georgia follow the nationally approved and accepted guidelines set forth by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. Although the procedures and guidelines to be followed are self-regulated, the current laws regarding parental support obligations, rights and intention of the parties, and medically prohibited acts are in place and applicable.

     To further eradicate the misconception that Georgia is not a surrogate-friendly state, it is important to note that our firm has repeated success in establishing parentage and in obtaining birth certificates which list the legal parents on the document for more than a decade. In doing so, the courts have not required a second parentage adoption in matters presented by this firm, thereby making Georgia a financially and procedurally attractive state for those going through the journey of building their family.

     The state of Georgia is welcoming to a variety of prospective parents, regardless of their family dynamic, financial wealth or cultural heritage. With its excellent medical providers, cutting edge philosophy and experienced hospitals, the state of Georgia is home to some of the most cost effective and professional entities involved in assisted family building techniques. Additionally, Sara Clay founded the surrogacy consulting agency, Tomorrow’s Parents International, LLC in order to coordinate the matching of prospective parents and surrogates so they may participate in a surrogacy arrangement in Georgia. Georgia, being home to the most frequented airport in the entire United States,  is a state rich in diverse culture and welcomes all prospective parties to explore their options in the state of Georgia.

    We encourage anyone seeking further information to contact us so that we may help, and to visit our legal services page and frequently asked questions page to learn about some of Georgia’s unique surrogacy traits.

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Please be advised that there is currently a scam involving a fraudulent individual who is calling and impersonating attorney Sara M. Clay. These fraudulent actor/s usually call and report that a relative (typically a grandson or nephew) has been incarcerated and is in need of bail money.

Do NOT provide an form of payment in regards to this scam as the law firm of Sara M. Clay, PC does not and will not call you to request any payment or to provide any payment instructions.

We have notified the Georgia State Bar regarding this issue and there is presently an ongoing investigation. If you would like to notify our office, please email, or call 678-797-1213, outlining the call you received as we wish to turn any and all information over to the Staff Investigator at the Georgia State Bar as part of their investigation.

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