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SLProspectiveParentsIMG1Although our law firm specializes in the legal proceedings of Assisted Reproductive Technology, we also assist prospective parents in finding the parties essential to the family building process.

Listed to the right are some of the most common Assisted Reproductive Technology needs; however, if you do not see your particular need, please choose the “other” box and give us the details of your situation so that we may evaluate the ways in which we can help.

Note: When sending an email, please include relevant concerns, circumstances and other information that will further assist us in providing services consistent with your needs.                                                                                  

Also, please note: In our efforts to provide you with effective service and assistance, we may find it necessary to consult with our contacts and resources. This will be done in a professional and private manner without releasing ANY confidential information. All information from these consultations will be made available to you, the client, and you will be free to contact the helping entities as you see fit.

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Please be advised that there is currently a scam involving a fraudulent individual who is calling and impersonating attorney Sara M. Clay. These fraudulent actor/s usually call and report that a relative (typically a grandson or nephew) has been incarcerated and is in need of bail money.

Do NOT provide an form of payment in regards to this scam as the law firm of Sara M. Clay, PC does not and will not call you to request any payment or to provide any payment instructions.

We have notified the Georgia State Bar regarding this issue and there is presently an ongoing investigation. If you would like to notify our office, please email, or call 678-797-1213, outlining the call you received as we wish to turn any and all information over to the Staff Investigator at the Georgia State Bar as part of their investigation.

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